Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

First of all, a massive thank you for choosing me to create your precious images. There a few things to be covered

Photo Sessions:

The booking payment made at time of booking your session is deducted off the total package amount, this amount is non refundable booking fee to secure your session. Model calls will not pay a booking payment.

If you think you are going to be late,please let me know as soon as possible. If you are late by more than 30minutes,your session may have to be cancelled due to other commitments and other photo sessions. If you do not turn up to a session without contacting me first, the session will be cancelled and any booking payments made will not be refunded.

If I feel the images captured are unsatisfactory or I feel we do not have enough,a free reshoot will be arranged. These dates and times will be in discretion and must be made within a month from the first session date.

Please note that not all poses and shots are guaranteed. All children (and adults) are different and it may not be possible to achieve similar or requested images.In regards to props and backdrops, I am continually updating what I have so certain things may no longer be available you may have seen on my business site or from friends etc. However, I will always have plenty of choice. Cakes are not provided by myself for your cake smash session, this is due to health and safety and allergies.

Taking photos from your own device whilst in my studio is not allowed due to the nature of my job position.However,you are free to take behind the scenes shots as long as I can be seen within the images and they are sent across to me afterwards. It is always lovely to see these.


A £25 (depending on session type and offer) booking payment is to be made at the time of booking.This is to confirm your attendance.This payment is deducted from your final payment total for session fee/package.This payment is not refundable in any case. I understand circumstances change and therefore, I am always happy to reschedule a session if needed or put towards another session of your choice. Failing that, it can be gifted/passed on to someone else if you arrange it yourself. Model calls will not make any payments before the session.

The remaining balance is to be paid at the session for your chosen package,

There are no refunds/exchanges for anything including products due to the nature of the service. If I feel the images are unsatisfactory, or you are for whatever reason not happy with the images, a reshoot will be arranged free of charge. I am always happy to help as best I can!

Prices and packages are live and may change from time to time. Please rest assured the package list you booked at will be the package list honoured to you. This means the prices at the time of making your booking payment, not enquiring as you are not booked in until the booking payment is made. Please ensure you are fully happy with my pricing before booking. By booking, you are agreeing to these terms.

Images, Products & Copyright:

The copyright of the images belongs to Sarah Godfrey of Sarahndipity Photography in all cases whether purchased or not. The images must not be sold or used elsewhere without my permission. For example, sending the images to magazines, model agencies, competitions etc. If you are considering using the images elsewhere, please do ask me first. I am always happy to help as best I can. Even when images are purchased, Sarahndipity Photography will still own the copyright of the images automatically. I do however give you printing rights to print elsewhere if you wish. However, I do not hold any responsibility for the quality of these as explained a few points below.

IMPORTANT: Your print/saving copies are your full resolution, high quality, logo free images ready for printing and saving to your phone/computer. I would really appreciate being tagged into the images on social media. Not only does this have a massive impact on my small business, but it reduces the risk of images being used elsewhere without yours and mine permission. However it is not compulsory, just really appreciated.

Please ensure your computer/device accepts USB’s before choosing a package that includes a USB .I do not hold responsibility if a USB does not work on your computer as all my USB’S are checked throughly before they leave me. In some cases, but rarely, a USB may of course be faulty. If you are experiencing problems, please do get in touch and I will do my best to assist you.

Saving,copying,uploading of ANY un-purchased images including screenshots is not allowed. This is theft of images and will be taken seriously under my insurance.

Images must not be changed or edited in anyway.This includes filters i.e.Instagram or any other editing software or social media image effects. If you would like something changing, please get in touch and ask me. I am always happy to help as best I can.

Please note that all monitors,screens etc will all view the images in a different colour profile and therefore,image colour may differ from screen to screen. I retouch and save images in SRGB profile if ever you need this information for printing.

I do not hold any responsibility for the quality of prints or any external products you may use the images for that are not my own products. Please make sure to research who you use for your products before you buy. You are not obliged to print through me. I provide all my images in the highest resolution possible to ensure the best possible quality of images for you. From experience I know certain high street and online print companies have a limit on their maximum megabyte upload of images and will only accept low resolution copies essentially resulting in low quality/less sharp products. Therefore, my images may not show up on the USB in such places. This does not mean your USB is faulty, but instead, the images are just too big a size for the companies software to read and handle. I do not hold responsibility if you cannot get your images printed elsewhere for this reason. Low resolution copies of my work will not be sent across to you. I pride myself to deliver high quality images only. You are free to purchase my own high resolution/ quality products. Unfortunately, I cannot advise as to where will and will not print the images other than my own professional print lab as it varies from company to company.

Please allow me up to 6 weeks to complete your images.(most however only take 3 weeks) I will contact you as soon as possible after completion of your images to arrange your viewing (private gallery).Please note any prints or products ordered within a package or separately may take up to 6 weeks for collection.

• Products,Prices and Items such as the design of a USB may change from time to time.Please do not rely on friends who may have visited previously for pricing and products I offer. You will always receive what you have paid for but packaging/price lists etc may change from time to time.


• I choose to give you full printing rights. This means you can print using the images taken by myself elsewhere. This does not mean you own copyright of the images. You are not obliged to print through me. However, I am not held responsible for the quality of products not printed through myself as explained above in the images, products and copyright section.

If you decide to print elsewhere,for best results,make sure to upload/provide the images to the print company directly from your computer or USB. Uploading images from your phone for print will result in much lower quality images. The same goes for uploading to the web. For best results, upload straight from a computer, not your phone.

I advise you to create a backup of your images yourself at home to another device and computer. Safety:

Due to my studio setup being at my home currently,please take extra care with safety. Please make sure you are responsible for your own family and children within the studio space. I am not responsible for any injury that may happen at my home. The same goes for any loss or damage. Please note that not all babies and children are able to do all poses you may see in my previous session images. If i feel anything is unsafe, I will not undertake these poses or requests. The safety of your little one is much more important and is my priority throughout the shoot.

I use studio flash most of the time I shoot.

Advertisement, Privacy Policy & Data Protection:

I may use the images for advertisement purposes online,for product examples and in person to show other clients examples of my work.This includes the right to use photos for all aspects of marketing including leaflets, business cards, competitions, portfolios, to use as examples etc. Images will always have my logo in place online to protect the images from being used elsewhere without our permission. In some cases, I may also send the images to a third party. For example: Suppliers in which I purchase props/ outfits from for them to use as examples of their own work/skills . If you would prefer I DO NOT use your images for these purposes, please cross appropriately at the end of the contract agreement on the day of the session.

I do hold clients emails on file  with other details which are given on booking this is so that I can contact you regarding your session. I do not send regular emails. I may however send the odd email (approximately twice a year) to suggest further sessions or deals that may suit you. If you DO NOT want me to send any emails, please cross appropriately at the end of the contract agreement

Please be rest assured your personal data including name,address,date of births,emails etc are not passed on to anyone or any where without your permission first. I keep these details for my own personal records only. For example, to post prints to you, send your digital images via email download to you etc. Your images are kept  on back up hard drives. I generally keep images on file for as long as required, but please be aware that these are not guaranteed as your secure forever backup please ensure you make your own back ups. Paper documentation including your data is also kept secure in my own home (business address) away from other peoples sight. Your confidentiality and security of images is important to me.

I offer online galleries instead of in person viewing this works for me due to the additional time for viewing required and also means you have a week to look over your images, the online gallery are online for 1 week only please order in this time otherwise a £10 per week charge will be sort. You have the option of one type of viewing not both due to the time to create gallerys/in person viewing/ordering.If an online gallery is used,your images will be uploaded to a secure online gallery website whereby the gallery will be password protected and therefore can only be viewed by those who know the password (both myself and you and who ever you give the link and the password too).

Model Calls:

• The purpose of model calls Sarahndipity Photography may complete is to develop skills,practice the use of any equipment or props or to simply update my portfolio. These sessions require your full consent to use images for advertisement purposes as listed above. Unfortunately, if you are not happy for the images to be used in this way, the session cannot go forward and you may not receive any promotional/complementary images that were agreed. Complimentary/free digital email download images will be provided with my logo on only. Only purchased images will include a copy without the logo. The logo must not be erased or hidden in any case. It is breach of contract to do so.

I do not tolerate any rude, aggressive or threatening messages. If there is an issue with something, please contact me politely first. I am always happy to help as best I can.




1.1 – We collect a variety of information before, during and after you book with Sarahndipity Photography and use any of our services. This includes:
• Names, Addresses and Contact Information of the person(s) placing an order with us.
• Names, Addresses and Contact Information of the person(s) using our services.
• Names (and in some cases ages and gender) of all participants of a photo shoot.
• Details and notes taken throughout a photo session or service provided to help us remember conversations during and details of your session.
1.2 – If you E-Mail us or send us messages via social media, these messages are stored within our email system or social media accounts. These messages are stored for as long as practicable to allow us to provide you with better future services.


2.1 – This data is being collected by Sarahndipity Photography. These are stored via a contract, a private calendar diary and in a paper version diary which is stored at  the home studio.


3.1 – The majority of our data is collected directly from you. Whether you fill out a form for us online, or tell us face to face, via the telephone, via e-mail or message.
3.2 – In some cases, data may be given to us by a third party. This includes if somebody purchases a voucher for you – they will usually give us your name and details to allow us to process their order, and provide our service to you.


4.1 – Most of the data we collect is solely for the purpose of providing you with a service you have ordered, or had ordered for you.
4.2 – Some of the data we collect is to help provide you with a better customer service experience
4.3 – We are required by law to collect and store certain information relating to any order you place with us.


5.1 – Data we collect will be used by Sarahndipity Photography to enable us to provide our services and products to you.
5.2 – Contact data (e-mail addresses) may be used to send you direct offers from Sarahndiptiy Photography about upcoming promotions or newsletters. These can be unsubscribed from at any time and will only be send out a few times a year.
5.3 – Sarahndipity Photography may internally analyse data for business and forecast purposes.


6.1 – We take your privacy very seriously. We do not sell your data to third party organisations. There are a few scenarios where some of your data may be shared with third parties to allow us to provide our services to you. These include:
• Delivery and Postage Service Providers to allow us to send you documentation and orders you have placed. (Information shared includes Name, Address and in some case e-mail address / mobile number)
• Manufacturers (our printing labs) if we are sending an order directly to you from a lab. (Information shared includes Name, Address and in some case e-mail address / mobile number)
• Law Enforcement and Legal Requirements – we will provide data to law enforcement agencies if issued with a court order to do so.


7.1 – We collect, store and process your data in such a way that should have no negative effect on you as an individual.


8.1 – Most data we collect is stored indefinitely. This is too allow us to provide a better service to you as a customer in the event that you contact us again in the future. This is also so that I have copyright reference of the images.
8.2 – We are legally obliged to store some data for a minimum amount of time, for example sale order records, payment records etc.


9.1 – If you have any questions about data we hold about you, please feel free to contact us. As well as trying to help you directly.
9.2 – You may request a copy of any data we store about you – and we will comply with any requests as per the guidance of the Information Commissioner’s Office.


10.1 – If you would like any clarification on how we collect, store or process your data – please contact us directly.
10.2 – If you would like further information on the legal guidelines we operate within, or have any concerns about how we use your data, please check the ICO’s website at https://ico.org.uk


11.1 – This business is owned and operated by Sarah Godfrey trading as Sarahndipity Photography.
11.2 – Our principal contact for business is : sarah@sarahndipityphotography.co.uk